Word Counter

Word Counter is a real-time word counting tool. It is also used to count characters, sentences, paragraphs and syllabus in input.

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What is word counter?

A word count tool is a program that helps you count the number of words one has written. There are many reasons why people need to count the number of words.

More so in the age of the digital era, this tool has found wide use and become a very common tool. You may be a writer, digital media professionals, communication specialist, blogger, forum moderator, or online sales, or any other professional. This tool will be helpful for all of you!

How does word counter tool work?

Word Count Tool is a simple easy to use program that is generally online free to use. You can put the tool to work in two ways.

If you have a document ready you can copy the content and put it in the box provided as part of the tool. And click on the count word button. The second method is for people who do not have the text ready with them.

They have to type it. The tool offers you the convenience of typing the content in real-time and once the entire text can be directly typed into the box and once typing is over the user clicks on the Count Word button and the results will be before you in no time.

How to use the word counter tool?

As already mentioned above cut paste or copy-paste the content, you want to count words for or type it directly into the box and press the count word button! That’s all! It is a super easy, super convenient, and super accurate tool.

Do you see a box above with space? And below the box do you see four buttons with text Words, Characters, Sentences, & Paragraphs written on them? That’s all that you have to know about this too to be able to use it.

It is very simple to use. Just take the text and paste it in the box provided, or you can type the text that you require to count and click on the button that meets your requirements.

Features of word counter

  1. Helps You Create More Impactful Content

    Every button serves an important purpose. The count draws your attention to the kind of prose you have created and helps you to improve or alter it. For example, writing short sentences is considered a good writing practice on the web.

    So while counting sentences the tool can draw your attention to the fact that one of the sentences comprises an entire paragraph! This is against good web writing practice. And you can change it there and then! There are many such important uses of the word count tool.

  2. The Tool is free for all users.

    We don’t ask you to share personal details or subscribe to us to let you use the tool.

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  3. Offers unlimited visits

    Another good thing about the word count tool or counter provided by OCounters is that there is no restriction on the number of times you can use this tool.

    You can use it ten times in a day or more or 100 times in a week… there are no restrictions and we won’t ask you questions. Our back-end staff ensures that each time that you use the counter; it will give you accurate results.

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