Tally Counter

Online Tally Counter tool used for inventory counts, tracking double, exercise reps or slackline steps, monitoring plants etc.


What is a Tally counter?

A tally counter is a tool that offers Multiple Uses – it is used to Count Inventory, Steps You’ve Walk, Laps You Swim, Attendance, Chanting of Mantras, & More.

The tally tool is used for research, inventory counts, tracking double under, exercise reps or slackline steps, monitoring plants starts, and many other applications.

It is a mechanical software device that we’ve programmed to use for incrementally counting moving or fleeting items too.

Amongst common things tally counters are used for include counting people, animals, monitoring heavy or light vehicles, or other such moving objects coming and going from a specific location.

What are the uses of Tally counter?

Tally counters have a wide range of uses. You can use it for all different types of counting whether it's to count sports scores or you want to count chanting of religious mantra.

If you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist, the Tally counting tool is for you. It helps you to keep track of the lap or score.

So whether you are conducting research about heavy vehicles passing through a certain route, want to keep a count of steps you walk every day, go to the gym, swimming laps, or want to keep a count of your daily chanting – this tally counter will be useful.

How to use Tally counter tool?

All that you have to do is just choose & set the values based on the activity you want to keep a count of.

Tally counter offers the facility to users to set it on incremental counting, detrimental counting, you can even reset the counter, and start from a certain count again if you so wish.

The app is flexible, offers options, and is user-friendly, so do not worry on that front. Just start using the tally counter online right away. NO login details, registration required! No obligations whatsoever.

How does it work?

It’s a very easy-to-use app. In the age of electronics where everything is digitalized and computer-controlled, this application will make your work a lot simpler and easier, and smooth too.

It will help you to keep a count of anything, any function that is meant to be performed on it via your laptop or smartphone, thus helping you to keep the information always at your fingertips.

You won’t have to worry about keeping records by creating physical files and putting pen to paper. www.Ocounters.com tally counter will help you to maintain a record of all the data that you want on your laptop or mobile phone.

Features of Tally counter

  1. Mobile Phone compatible:

    The tally counting tool can also be used on a mobile phone.

  2. Personal Data is Safe & Protected

    This tool is built to protect the privacy of client data. Meaning if you use this tool your data will never be shared or openly displayed to breach your privacy. Your information will always remain safe and encrypted. You will only be able to see it on your device whether it is your computer or laptop. The inputs and outputs will only be visible on your computer.

  3. Free to Use Tool with No Obligations Attached

    Besides this, we shall never ask you to register with us to be able to use this free counter. Tally Counter tool is a free service that we offer our online users. We do not ask for any details, whether it is phone number, email id or name, etc.

    So feel free to use our Tally Counter, once, twice, thrice, any number of times you want!