Syllable Counter

Syllable Counter is a free tool that helps you count the total number of syllables in any word or sentence and in haiku poems.

What is a Syllable counter?

Syllable counter is a free web-based tool provided that you can use to count the number of syllables in a word, line, or sentence depending on your input text.

Feel free to use this tool to write, plan text, haiku, limericks, poems, sonnet, etc. We’ve tried our best to take the syllabic counter through a complete overhaul to make it as accurate as we can. And we keep working on it on an ongoing basis.

The syllable counter provided by uses a combination of 240300 word US English syllable count dictionary.

How does syllable counter work?

You must copy and paste the content or type it in the box area provided at the top of the page.

Press on the count syllable button that is prominently visible at the bottom of the box field. The tool will automatically calculate and display several syllables in the content for your information.

This tool spell checks your document after pasting your content in the box for counting syllables.

Our algorithm takes over when the tool identifies a word in your document that is not found in our dictionary. We’d also like to inform our users, in all honesty, that our algorithm may sometimes be inaccurate owing to countless syllabic anomalies found in the English US dictionary.

Because of this, what we do is list the word within a syllable algorithmic count for you to check and review.

Features of syllable counter tool

  • Saves Time - Offers Accuracy

    Understanding and identifying the syllables manually can be an extremely time-consuming task. It may also get confusing at specific stages as sometimes you may not be aware of all the rules of syllables.

    There are so many rules that exist for monosyllables, disyllables, tri-syllable, polysyllables, etc. It may not be possible for a human mind to remember and, more importantly, recall them when required.

  • We’re Working to Make Syllable Tool Fun for Kids

    Efforts are underway to design it so that the exact syllable count will give you a gaming experience. This can be especially fun for kids; they will learn an essential part in writing in an environment where they will not feel any pressure and will acquire a fine skill that will help them to create a copy with better finesse as they grow up and have to depend more on written words.

  • Supports the English Language

    The syllable count tool provided by, for now, is only compatible with the English language. Syllables and sounds of speech around which logic and science of syllables revolve are complex, with multiple hurdles and challenges to get through various levels for creating the tool.

  • Suitable for Teachers as well as Students

    While encouraging students to use this tool can improve their writing and make them experts, it helps teachers equally. For students who want to go into writing or wish to pursue a career that will involve a lot of written communication, using this tool can be a boon. Similarly, for teachers, the more you learn, the better you teach.

    The more in-depth your understanding of a subject, the more superior your impact is.