Sentence Counter

Use online sentence counter to quickly count the number of sentences, lines, words with part of speech and readability score.

Sentence Counter: Free For Life, Easy to Use, & Accurate! Whether you are a student, teacher, writer, researcher, Legal Professional – this tool is helpful and useful for everyone!

What is a Sentence counter?

Welcome to Sentence Counter from Free, easy to use, and highly accurate – Sentence Counter or Sentence Counting Tool will make it easy for users to count sentences in their prose and poetry.

For now, this sentence counter is launched in its basic format, meaning that it only supports the English language but with time we have plans and work is under progress wherein will be launching an advanced version of sentence counter tool that supports all Indian languages and the next upgrade would support all languages of the world.

How does it work?

It’s a free online tool. The box you see above is where you are supposed to write the text; or if the write-up is already with you in the document, just paste it in the box and press on sentence counter button at the bottom of the box and within no time the tool will count the number of sentences and results will appear on the screen.

Based on the results you can make changes and improvements to your original content as you deem fit. After making changes, you can again paste the same content in the box and see the results to see the extent of improvement. Thus this sentence counter tool can help you to improve your writing, making it more impactful.

So go ahead and feel free to use our sentence counter tool and do come back whenever you need it. Also, keep an eye on new tools that we launch from time to time for the convenience of our users.

While you’re reading this all we can tell you is when you return to our website to use any of our tools, you can check out whether we have launched any new tool that will come in useful for you and make life easy.

We keep adding to our list of tools to offer better convenience to our user community so that they can find everything under one roof. If a new tool is launched it will be highlighted on the page you visit to use any of our tools, whether it is sentence counter, word counter, line counter, or any other.

Uses of Sentence counter

Length of sentences in any format of communication plays an important role to create an impactful copy. And this is the reason people use sentence counters.

Sentence counter tool is very important for digital media professionals, marketing communications specialists, web content writers, bloggers, transcriptionists, scriptwriters, dialogue writers, story writers, academic writers, and many other professionals writing in different formats and selling their services.

Features of Sentence counter

  • Programmed by experts the Sentence Counter tool has been designed to work on all devices and generate accurate results for its users at a fast speed.

  • There is no restriction on the number of times you can use this tool. It is a free tool that you can bookmark and come back to, each time that you need to count sentences.

  • Not only that our Sentence Counting Tool is free to use we also don’t ask users for anything, any favor against using our tool, no sharing of personal details, not even email id where we can send you communication.

  • This sentence counter is obligation-free. We do not ask you to submit your email id and later use it to send newsletters or any other marketing communications.