Money Counter

Enter the number of dollars, and our money counter calculate the total amount of money you have. $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, $1.

$ 100 $ 50 $ 20 $ 10 $ 5 $ 1
100 ¢ 50 ¢ 25 ¢ 10 ¢ 5 ¢ 1 ¢

What is Money Counter Tool?

Money counter tool performs the function of counting cash to give you an accurate and quick total or cash you hold. In other words, money counter is an online tool which helps you to count money that you physically possess, online.

Suppose, you have currency notes and coins in various denominations and you want to know the total of it, then money counter tool can be of great help to you. It saves your time and assures you of total confidentiality and accuracy.

How does Money Counter Tool work?

Money counter tool can be used by anyone from a teller at the bank, to cash counter of a shop, restaurant manager, to home maker, just about anyone who has a lot of cash but is not sure about the correct total amount, she or he can take help of money counter tool.

Money counter tool not only saves time, effort and energy, but also helps user with accuracy. The program is flawless and does not go wrong unless there is a technical glitch but when you are using tool from a reputed website, their back office is very professional and does not allow such glitches to create hurdles for users.

In the tool separate columns, boxes or fields are provided for different notes and coins. User should write the number of note/currency against each box to generate grand total as well as total of each denomination if she or he so desires.

How to Use Money Counter Tool?

All that you have to do is place the number of notes and coins in the fields or box provided in the tool to generate the total amount. Let’s break it down and understand the procedure to count money online with help of money counter tool step by step.

When it comes to using the Indian money counter tool, first and foremost you should identify and separate different currencies, notes as well as coins and make individual piles or stack of all of them.

For example all 500 Re notes together in one place, 100 rupee notes in one stack, 10 rupee notes in one stack, 20 rupee notes in one stack and so on. Likewise you should separate all the coins.

After all the notes and coins are separated you should count them carefully.

And write the final number in the box provided for that particular amount. Once numbers are written against all the boxes, user should press the count button and within no time the final total amount will appear on the screen.

The money counter tool not only generates grand total, it also generates individual total of each currency coin or notes that you have.

Features of Money Counter Tool

Money counter is very useful for people who handle a lot of cash and are involved in counting cash every now and then. To avoid human error in counting money counter is a great option.

Mistakes in counting cash can lead to huge discrepancies to the extent that if wrong counting is allowed to continue without check, in a long period of time it can impact profits and balance sheet of a company. Money counter tool helps you to identify and nip this problem in the bud at an early stage.

Money counter is a safe tool as you do not have to move physical cash, all you have to do is just count the number of coins and notes and type it in the box provided in the tool.

Using money counter tool does not require any special skill or experience or education. Anyone with basic education and knowledge of typing online can count money with help of money counter tool online.

Uses of Money Counter Tool

A wide range of people can use this tool for a variety of reasons. As mentioned earlier, a banker can use money counting tool; so can a shop keeper, restaurant counter, to garage mechanic who offer services or sell products against cash can use money counter tool to get an accurate number to keep a record of earnings on a day to day basis.

If you have a cash rich business and need to send cash to bank every day for depositing, it is always better to use money counter tool to ensure there is no mistake in counting the money.

It makes your work faster. As manual counting can be very time taking as well as chances of making counting mistakes are higher in manual counting compared to money counter tool.