Line Counter

This tool will return the number of lines in an input text. It also finds average words in a line and its aspect ratio.

What is a line counter?

A line counter is a tool that helps to count the number of lines in the document you have written in your document.

When the document is small, it is easy to count lines manually, though accuracy cannot be guaranteed, however short a document because the human mind can make errors even if she/he stops paying attention for a fraction of a second.

You can use Line Counter; you will never have the issue of accuracy. The efforts that go into making the program help ensure accuracy is maintained at all times.

How to use line counter?

Line counter provided by is super easy to use, very user-friendly and can do the job within no time.

It can count lines in a document of any size. All you have to do is paste the text and press the line counter button at the bottom of the box. And the result will appear on the screen within a second.

Our line counter is used by students, amateur writers, editors, and digital media specialists; it is also widely used by experienced professionals, developers, and programmers who visit our site to use this tool.

How does it line counter work?

It gives them an idea about the amount of effort that will have to go into the programming. This, in turn, helps them gauge the time required to send quotations and get clarity of understanding about the efforts they need to put in.

This line counter tool also helps developers to analyze the productivity of programming or its maintenance.

The tool that automatically counts lines in a document reduces confusion arising out of manual counting of lines. For writers, it serves a different kind of purpose. It helps writers to create tight, informative, and meaningful copy to engage readers.

Features of line counter

  1. Line counter improves the value of a text.

    Line counter helps writers create documents that engage readers instead of writing long, bland copies nobody reads. When your lines and words are within the limit, they make more impact, and thus, readers tend to spend longer time on your post.

  2. Line Counter Tool Syncs with Online Readers’ Short Attention Span a Lot Better

    We want to tell all potential users who wish to use line counter that it improves your writing quality and impact, contrary to the belief that it may suggest many edits that may take away the essence of the content.

    But that is certainly not the case. Small sentences, small paragraphs make the content more crisp and engaging.

    According to reports released by leading world research organizations, an online reader has a much shorter attention span and is likely to scan through content instead of reading it.

    For this mindset, nothing works better than content that is both easy and light on a reader's mind. Short lines, short paragraphs thus tend to serve a much better purpose.

  3. Line Counter Handy for text Messages & Tweets too!

    Many social media we know expect us to stick to line limits while creating messages and profiles strictly.

    Line counter helps you immensely here, and these platforms are the best examples of the importance of creating impassive, informative, meaningful lines.