FPS Counter

FPS Counter counts the number of frames displayed per second. It also displays real-time 30fps vs 60fps, 120hz vs 144hz vs 240hz, PWM test.

What is an FPS counter?

FPS Meter is a useful tool that helps displays FPS (Frames per second) on the screen overlay enabling user to mark the device's performance in actual real-time while it is happening.

Uses of FPS counter:

If your new gadget card has arrived that you ordered online or bought from a store and now you wish to check how it performs, Frames per Second, i.e. this FPS tool will be of great help.

People consistently face a problem that even after they’ve spent time and money on finding a relevant card the games continue to run poorly. This is where our FPS Tool or counter will come in handy and make life easy for you!

The FPS counter we have provided for the convenience of users is very simple to use. Just enter the seconds required, and select the game from the menu displayed. That’s all! Once these two fields are done, the tool will generate frames on your screen!

While generally, 30 FPS is the lowest frame rate at which an online game can be played. However, 60 FPS is generally the ideal because at this level the experience is more fluid and responsive.

The more frame rate you manage to get the better will be your gaming experience, standards may vary though. Those familiar with TV and gaming set-ups may prefer to use over 50 fps. However, for those who are Zwifters, 30 fps is ideal for you!

For a super-smooth gaming experience requiring 90+ FPS, users will need expensive framing and TV monitors that support 4K graphics. When you are a professional or high-level gamer you need a system offered here at www.ocounters.com that performs really well to give you a smooth gaming experience.

FPS Counter provided here helps users to count the number of frames displayed per second. It also displays real-time 30fps vs 60fps, 120hz vs 144hz vs 240hz, PWM test.

This FPS tool is absolutely free of cost and you can use it as many times as you wish. Against the same, we at OCounters.com will never ask you for any money or you won’t be required to share your personal details like address, email address, phone number, or any other details. This is free to use FPS tool with no restriction on the number of uses.

How does FPS counter work?

FPS counter provided here will help to measure and calculate frames per second, the number of milliseconds between frames, number of milliseconds it takes to condense a frame. Our tool works on and is compatible with all modern devices.

Based on the info you require FPS test is by far the best way to get an idea about frame rate. Frame Rate is an FPS measure. The number depicts the smoothness with which the game will perform on your device.

The more frames you pack in a second, the smoother the motion! If by chance your game gets stuck or stops running in the middle FPS counter will help you identify the frames or graphics that are heavy and stopping your game to run smoothly and how you can boost the performance.

Features of FPS counter

You can use FPS (frames per second) tool provided here for your video content, to calculate how many individual still images you have for each second of footage, or for live rendered graphics such as games, how many images it manages to generate.

FPS and Hz are explained as, “FPS shows how many frames you have in the content you want to show, and Hz is how many frames your screen is showing.

Our FPS counter not only displays the user’s game's frame rate but also draws attention to other aspects of the game that is likely to affect its performance. OCounters’ FPS counter is also equipped to display utilization of RAM, CPU usage, GPU performance, and many other aspects of performance.