Character Counter

Character Counter is a online tool that finds a number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs in your input text.

Character Count Tool – A compatible tool for Everyone, From Layman, student, to Digital Media Experts, Web Content Writers & All Other types of Written Communication Specialists

What is a Character Counter?

Character Counter is a program used by people who want to count characters that they’ve typed on the screen.

It is an automated user-friendly program designed for the convenience of users, be it students or professional writers, to anyone else. Different companies design different character counter tools but they’re more or less based on the same logic.

However, people are often drawn to websites that offer many similar tools under one roof saving them the trouble of visiting different websites to find different tools.

Another convenience that people needing to use the character Counter Tool is looking for is accuracy. The tool giving accurate count is considered a good tool for obvious reasons.

How Does Character Counter Tool Work?

Like mentioned earlier, Character Count Tool is very simple to operate and requires no special expertise. A person who knows typing on the screen can easily use it without any external or special instructions.

First-time users however have to note that while counting characters the tool also considers space as a character. Meaning, the space you leave between two words is also counted as a character. Most of these Character Counter Tools are free to use.

How to use Character Counter Tool?

The online character count tool is very simple to use. The tool gives users the convenience of using it on laptops, desktops, and even on mobile phones.

It is programmed to work on all devices. You have a choice of cutting the text from your document and pasting it here in the box provided. Or the other option is that you can type the text as per your requirement and click the button below that says “Count” (or start) 'whichever name you give to the button' and within no time.

Before you even realize it your job is done - the character count will be displayed on the screen. Accurate!

Features of Online Character Counter

  1. Programmed to work flawlessly & accurately

    A good character count tool is programmed and designed by experts with back-end staff always at work to ensure not to fail users whether it is to load the tool on screen, type & count text, and generate the character count.

  2. No Character Limit & Language Compatible

    We have not placed any upper or lower limit on the number of characters you can count on Plus our tool is compatible with all the major languages or we can mention languages here.

  3. Multiple Uses

    While on one hand where users have the freedom to place and count any number of characters; on the other, the same tool by giving a count helps users to know whether they are within the specified character limit, especially students, writers, and essayists, etc. while submitting essays, stories, reports, thesis, etc. as they are required to work within word and character limit.

    Our character counter comes in extremely handy for digital media professionals as well as those wishing to create their profiles on various social media considering there are character restrictions to adhere to on these platforms.

    We thank you for choosing to use the OCounters character counting tool and hope you enjoy the experience in terms of speed and accuracy and visit us often. To have a look at the range of other useful tools provided by us, please click on the link.